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Dec 04

The JobNet Business Advantage

Posted in Job Center, Recruitment at 11:01 am

JobNet Business offers many advantages to employers in recruiting for job openings. It is a no-fee listing service; allows for extensive information to be entered to fully describe the job opening, and requirements to help in pre-screening job seekers; and can be run up for up to 90 days. You can copy old listings, cut and paste in new or changed information, and make changes to your job listing instantaneously. Be specific on your needs. Look at your listing as a job seeker would. Is the order clear, concise and providing the required information about your needs?

JobNet will be more effective for you if you:

•Have a complete job description summary. Describe the job, duties, services performed, working conditions, etc.
•List the experience needed, qualifications, and other requirements.
•Clearly state how job seekers should apply, and what the application deadline is.
•Describe your business in the Company Description and/or list your current website address.
•List the wage and benefit information for the job. Get better results by providing wage and benefit information. Job seekers often do not look at job listings on JobNet that do not list at least a minimum hourly wage.

Please use the Preview button to review and proofread your job listing before submitting it to make sure the information is correct. If your listing is not obtaining the results you are seeking, you may wish to review the job listing and update or make changes as necessary. Often slight changes, or just updating the job opening, will bring increased response to your opening. Little things often are overlooked, but make a real difference is getting the right applicant. If you have any questions, please contact one of our Job Center Respresentatives at 920.683.2888.